Needing transportation

You could do so many things with a sick-ass mount.
Trust me, if you had your own mount, you would be god
You would no longer need a car. This is good because of pollution obviously. You want to be green and this is the way to go. They don't fucking eat.
Things you could do that you couldn't do without a sweet mount:
  1. Get to work on your mount
  2. Listen to music while riding your mount
  3. Wrestle your mount
And that's just a few.
There are more which im not going to mention, including:
  1.  Give your mount some mean nip and watch it roll around your house destroying your shit.
  2. Go into a daze after setting your mount on auto and spend 30 minutes running into a fence.
I have nothing else to say about this.

It's prophesied

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